The Immersion Station

In a unique collaboration, ambient-music artist Steve Roach and software artist Eric Freeman bring you an intuitive tool for creating ever-changing infinite looping playback mixes of original, finely tuned sound elements.

Use Immersion Station to sculpt your own personal soundworld environment for deep listening, meditation, as well as for working at the computer, reading, travel and sleeping.

The Environment

Software artist Eric Freeman, working closely with Steve Roach, has created an intuitive immersive tool for building your own sound environments out of Steve’s original material. Rather than using a conventional mixer, Steve and Eric wanted to create a tool in the spirit of Steve’s work.

The Sounds

Immersion Station One ships with five core loops from Steve’s universe of sound worlds. Use these sounds to craft, mix and save your own unique environments; no matter what form your mix takes, it will always play an infinite changing…

The sound of the elemental artifacts of early man. Rocks, seeds, water, all boiled together to create this zone. Drawn from the release Early Man.

A harmonic cloud held in suspension, slowly breathing into infinity. Extracted from the release Immersion Four…

Created purely from a large analog modular synthesizer, these spawning electrons begin to form and evolve towards their destiny inside the Immersion Station. Sourced from the release Possible Planet

Subterranean Atmospherics, this mercurial, hovering phantasm was created for a life in the Immersion

Slow motion beatscape created to live inside these zones at various volume levels adding movement to the circulatory system. Experiment with levels from subliminal to more present in the mix.

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Your Guide to the Immersion Station

Check out this short video guide to the Immersion Station, which is based on the current and first rev of the App; we’ll be posting more tips in this space in the future. Headphones or external speakers are highly recommended to really understand the subtleties of the soundscapes you can create with this tool. All of the sound in this video were created with Immersion Station.

Steve Roach’s Immersion Station from Eric Freeman on Vimeo.

Immersion Station™ brings you infinite ambient music, created from the soundworlds of ambient music pioneer Steve Roach. Use Immersion Station to create the perfect atmosphere for deep listening, meditation and supportive sound spaces for working at the computer, reading, and sleeping.

Immersion Station is an elegant interactive sound immersion tool. Create infinite mix combinations from five different loops of varied lengths for endless playback. These sounds have been extracted from the heart of Steve Roach’s soundworlds and carefully chosen for a congruent relationship allowing the user to sculpt constantly changing ambient music.

The Immersion Station interface and application, created by Software Artist Eric Freeman, allows you to mix loops using a simple, intuitive, interactive and organic interface that is reflective of Steve’s work. You can visit for a complete demonstration.

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What they’re saying…

Immersion Station offers you direct creative input on the limitless interaction of infinite looping soundworlds.

I played like a kid in a candy store. Sounds great on my Studio monitors. Having a great time playing with my Iphone4. Smooth. Auto mix function cool.
Real winner!

Immersion Station is a wonderful way to experience the richness of Steve Roach’s beautiful ambient sounds. It’s amazing how many different atmospheres you can create with the five music loops provided in the app. I particularly appreciate the small touches that make a big difference, like the evolve feature and the ability to listen when the App is in the background, and the elegant design of the app.

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Immersion Station requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or greater. Features are enhanced for iOS4, including greater ability to sculpt sound, background playback on devices that support multitasking and support for Apple’s remote pause/play/next/previous functions.

Immersion Station also runs well on the iPad, however it is not yet optimized for use on the iPad.

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Mixes from You

Every loop is a sound world in itself and there are an astronomical number of soundscapes you can craft with combinations of loops in Immersion Station.  Another great thing about Immersion Station is that the interface gives you a very simple and intuitive way to share and copy mixes, just by viewing and copying  the onscreen configuration of spheres.

On this page you’ll find a growing collection of mixes from you, our users.  To have yours included, just send email to crew at along with a title, description and screenshot of your mix.  To capture a screenshot just hold down the power and home buttons on your iOS device and the screenshot will be placed in your photos on the device.  We look forward to trying your mixes!

Drift by Danny W. McKee

post swamp resonance. re imagine one’s self … good listen straight from the iphone.

Swamp by Danny W. McKee

discover your inner swamp… Good for headphones

Suspension by Danny W. McKee

Approaching inner resonance… Good extended listen on stereo .

Fleeting by Frans

Yesterday the Immersion Station came to my rescue. I had one of those rare headaches that start so superficial that you think you can make it go away by merely ignoring it. Then ever more swiftly the hurt increases and you know you’re in for one of those really splendid headaches that make you close all the curtains and feel your way to the medicine cabinet.

This time I skipped the pain killer but just laid down with my iPhone and switched on the Immersion Station app. With the volume low I pushed the grind of the Possible sphere way up for it to be just barely audible. The iGroove too went into the distance but closer. I like its natural tidal wave suggesting the passing and forgetting of time but I wanted it to feel far, far away from me. The Early Man sphere evoking nature’s all encompassing power a little louder with its rumblings of immense rocks and the slow falling of ancient trees. And finally the most ethereal, Immersion Four, close by, a soft enveloping mist keeping the rest of the world on a virtual distance.

I dropped the iPhone next to my pillow and for hours I remained motionless. My body stopped sending messages and gradually my thoughts came to a near perfect stand still. With mild surprise I observed that my mind slowly disentangled a few ferfectly trivial happenings of the past day. An opening door, the close of a short conversation with a neighbor on the street.

Then, I noticed that my headache seemed to have gone. I felt more energy but wasn’t keen on opening my eyes and showing the world I was ‘back’ yet. I switched off the Immersion Station and listened to a Dave Holland tune, “How’s Never” and I immensely enjoyed it as if I heard it for the first time. Then I started my day. It was late in the afternoon and getting dark outside.

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